Probate Litigation

The Firm, through its counsel Jared Gelles, Charles W. Flynn, III, and Andrew Cummings,  has substantial experience handling contested probate matters and other disputes concerning the transfer and division of family assets. Such matters include: a) contesting the validity of wills, codicils, and other estate planning documents; b) challenging the beneficiary designations on life insurance policies, retirement accounts, bank accounts, and other paid-on-death accounts; c) representing family members in disputes among relatives, care-givers and friends, relating to the division of assets including money, real estate, art and other valuables; d) filing claims against an estate for recovery of amounts owed by a person who failed to pay prior to death; e) breach of fiduciary duty against personal representatives and trustees; f) removal of personal representatives and trustees; g) contested guardianships; and, g) elective share litigation. For a more detailed description of this practice area, please visit The Firm remains flexible with respect to its fee arrangements in such actions and is open to retention on a contingency fee basis, consistent with the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar.